Everyone gets more when we share what we have.  The Toy Library levels the playing ground and provides access to a wide range of toys to kids of all ages. 

Toy Library FAQ

Subscription Fees

Toy Library subscription is $5/month, + $1 for each additional child.

Additional Fees

Late Fees are $2/week. You are not permitted to borrow any additional toys until all fees are paid. Late fees will be charged if a renewal request is made after the toys were due. A renewal may be granted, but late fees will remain. Late fees are up to the maximum of the MSRP value of the toy.

You will be charged ongoing late fees ($1/day) for missing pieces until all pieces are returned or until replacement cost is reached. If these fees are paid up to date, you may keep borrowing.

Out of Towners

If you live outside of the Mt. Waddington region (Woss north), a deposit of $50 is required and will be returned upon return of the items.


Toys can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. We encourage toys to be returned sooner however. 

Only 2 toys/child may be borrowed at one time.

Toy Care

All toys are the responsibility of the subscriber while on loan.  Subscribers are asked to treat the toys and packaging with care and return the toys in their bags/boxes in a clean and dry condition.

What if a toy is damaged while we are borrowing it?

Please inform of us of any damage to the toy and do not try to repair it yourself. If the toy is damaged beyond repair we will ask that you either buy a replacement of that toy or pay what it would cost for us to buy it.  If a part is damaged that is determined by a toy library to not affect it’s ability to go back on the shelf, no charge will be required.

What if we lose a piece to the toy?

If the piece lost does not affect the use of the toy, you will not be charged. If the piece lost does affect the use of the toy, we will assess a fee or ask you pay to replace it. We also allow subscribers to return a toy with the missing piece and continue to look for the lost piece at home.

How are the toys cleaned?

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to clean the toy when returning it.  There are clean cloths and spray bottles filled with a non-toxic cleaning solution available at the Toy Library.  This can be used to clean the toys, either by spraying on the toy directly or using a cloth to wipe the toys down.   If toys are not cleaned properly it’s at the discretion of the toy librarians to apply a small fee.

How long can I check out the toys?

Our borrowing period is 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, a late fee of $2/week will be requested. No new toys can be borrowed while the late fee is owing.

What if I can’t return the toys during the open hours?

Plan ahead by dropping them off during an open time before your due date. Otherwise you can keep the materials and pay the late fee when we return them.

Can my child play with the toys while at the toy library?

No! The toys are to be taken home to play with.  We have spent a lot of time creating the inventory and assigning bar-codes to toys and bins.  

Are there volunteer opportunities with the toy library?

Yes!  Our society would not exist without the work of volunteers. We have volunteer and paid staffing opportunities with the Makerspace, Play Centre, Summer Day Camp, and Board of Directors or one of our committees. Talk to Port McNeill Kids in Motion for more information (find us on Facebook or at pmkidsinmotion@gmail.com).

If I volunteer, can I get a discount on a Toy Library subscription?

Yes!  With every 6 hours of volunteer time you put in, you get a month subscription to the Toy Library.